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Cleaning my dirty, dirty Dyson

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Okay, so I’ve had my Dyson for a few years now. I have the original DC07 model (the big yellow one). I still LOVE it, though. Even on those days I walk through the store and see the big, new, shiny Dysons with the rolling balls and pretty colors, I am still with mine (mostly because its paid off….ha ha).

I have four puppies in my house that get shaved every month **or so**. My Dyson has been through a lot of dog hair. Dyson recommends cleaning their machines every six months….sometimes I have to do it a **bit** more than that, though.

I am showing the Dyson DC07, but the same method could be used on any Dyson.  As well, I am assuming you don’t have the T-15 screw driver to disassemble the machine (I don’t happen to have any other screw drivers on hand besides the standard phillips and slotted).

Ummmm…..first thing, please turn power off and unplug the machine.

Filter Washing

Step 1

  • Press the release button and remove the filter housing from the machine.*

*The post-motor filter located under the clear bin should last the lifetime of the machine and does not need to be washed.

Step 2

  • Remove the filter from the housing. (Only the blue foam, yellow cage and white cloth should be washed.)

Step 3

  • Wash in cold water only. Please do not use detergent on the filter, or wash the filter in a dishwasher or in a washing machine.
  • Repeat the steps shown below until the water runs clear.

LAST NOTE:   Any part washed MUST be dryed for at least 12 hours….I usually leave mine more like 2-3 days.  Leave it to air dry.  Adding heat to it (such as the clothes dryer, hair dryer, microwave, oven, heater, flame, etc) will ruin your parts.  Be patient, you don’t want to risk getting water in the motor and shorting out your machine.  And that’s alright with me….who really likes vacuuming anyways.

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