Kicking the Nail Biting Addiction

12 Sep

This week, my son’s nail biting habit (which has always driven me crazy), reached a new level.  We have gone back and forth about his nail biting habit.  I have offered to pay him money to quit biting his nails.  Tried to put him on a reward system.  Tried to put him on a punishment system.  Nothing has worked.  Until this week.  Unfortunately he learned his lesson but not in a good way.

His nail bed got infected terribly.  I think it was an ingrown nail that got infected but the point is it got terribly infected.  Ick.  It was big, swollen, pussy and hurt like the dickens.  We ended up having to go to the doctors to have it lanced so it could drain and he could get some peace.  But overall, it taught him a lesson.  He doesn’t WANT to bite his nails anymore.  But, unfortunately, the habit still exists.  And it is a terribly hard one to break.  So, what is our plan of attack?

This is his nail bed two days later.  Still looks inflamed and red.  Think of what it looked like before we ever hit the doctor.  Ewwwww. I never thought to take a pic when it was terrible on the first day…somehow, I had other things on my mind at the time.

In the past, I have gotten him that nasty nail biting nail polish to help him quit.  Hasn’t worked.  He bites right through it.  This time, I had a stroke of genius.  GO NATURAL! I do in everything else, so why not this as well?


Tea Tree Oil

Our first line of defense is TEA TREE OIL!  I’ve had it in my cupboard for YEARS!  My mom used to be a Melaleuca rep.  She got me tea tree oil eons back and I never understood its power.  It is amazing.  It heals, it conditions and best of all, it tastes NASTY!  LOL!  Seriously, it will heal my sons fingers (all of them, I am putting a drop on each nail at the beginning of the day).  All the knicks and cuts will be healed and beautifully moisturized, making the nail stronger. It HELPS him grow the nail he so seriously wants to chew.

BTW….for those of you like me who do not know….Melaleuca IS tea tree oil.  It is the “other” name for tea tree oil.

Hynosis to Stop Nail Biting

Second in our line of defense is HYPNOSIS!  Yes, hypnosis.  We went to the fair a few years ago and there was a hypnotist, Tammy, who was AMAZING at hypnosis.  The kind where she puts people to sleep and they think they are cows.  But they REALLY BELIEVE IT.  She was so good, we got to thinking….wonder if it could help in our lives.  Come to find out, she was selling cds after the show.  And she had one on NAIL BITING!  We played the cd when my son was younger but he thought it was more funny than helpful.  Luckily, he is now at an age where he WANTS to do it.  The basis in the cd is when you think you want to bite your nails, you drink water instead.  This means he takes water to school with him and will end up drinking quite a bit, again helping his nails to grow long.

This is definately going to be a WIN-WIN.

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